Dick DeVos Gives From The Heart

There are many things that people can do to help others. People can give of their time, money, expertise, and numerous other ways. For many people in the world who need help, every way that people can help is appreciated. In the end, all help is great. However, the method of helping can impact how many people can be helped. When people give money, the number of people who can be helped by the money given is usually more than with other methods. The reason is because financial contributions can be used in a variety of ways.


The money received from contributions by charities and organizations can be used to help others in many ways. Another thing that makes monetary contributions very powerful is that small amounts given can be combined with other contributions to create a large donation that can help many people. In many cases, the contributions given by people are relatively small in dollar amount. Many people give contributions of 10 dollars, 20 dollars, or 50 dollars. While individually these contributions may appear small, millions of dollars per year are raised by organizations and charities based on small contributions of these amounts.


Although small contributions are very common, there are a few people who give large amounts in contributions. Sometimes given millions of dollars at one time to help causes, charities, and organizations. A Philanthropist who has given millions of dollars to help others is Dick DeVos. A man who is known throughout the world as a generous giver of his time and money, Dick DeVos has given an estimated amount of 139 million dollars over his lifetime.


Between Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos, the couple has helped hundreds of charities and organizations over the years by giving large sums of money to support various causes. Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos care about many different causes. One of the causes that is close to their hearts is education. Both have given to help many students through scholarships and the building of schools.


The commitment of Dick DeVos to help others has been a part of him for many years. He has demonstrated through his actions that he cares about his communities and the people in his communities. Beyond the given of millions of dollars, Dick DeVos also gives of his time. He helps many charities and organizations by providing leadership concerning projects.


I think that Dick DeVos is a successful businessman who wants to make a difference in the world. He gives of his money and time to help others because he cares about people. Dick DeVos has served in executive positions at companies that include the Orlando Magic and Amway. He has been successful in every position that he has held over the years. As the current President of the Windquest Group, Dick DeVos continues to demonstrate his ability to provide successful leadership to organizations.



José Borghi knows commercial success in Brazil

The founding creator of Mullen Lowe, one of the most prominent marketing enterprises in Brazil, is Jose Borghi. One of Jose’s notable and successful advertising productions, was the “Mammals Parmalat”, within which, children were disguised as stuffed animals, while singing popular Brazilian jingles.

His successful strides, within the advertising community, all began when he was still a boy. Jose’s sister approached him to persuade Jose to come to witness a presentation that featured numerous commercial video productions that were famous, throughout Brazil. Her hope was that these videos would inspire Jose to finding a career path that would take advantage of his creativity. The presentations, displayed commercials that has earned their producers awards from the Cannes Film Festival. These awards, were presented in the shape of gold lion, which fascinated the young Jose. He knew then, from seeing those beautiful lion shaped statues, that he too, wanted to be a creative commercial producer.

Jose, hails out of in Presidente Prudente. He earned his degree in Advertising from the PUC-Campinas. In 1989, when he earned his first job, he worked at the renowned Standart Ogilvy. He soon spread out to working at such notable agencies as Leo Burnett and Talent, to name on a few. Jose eventually paired p with his business partner, Erh Ray. Together, they established their own advertising agency and named the firm after their combined names, BorghiErh.

Their endeavor, was highly successful and was soon purchased by the advertising firm, Lowe. The name soon was changed to become Borghi Lowe, as his partner Erh Ray, was bought out of the business venture. The business has more than flourished in Brazil and has gained fame nationally as well as internationally. They recently merged with Lowe and the Mullen Group, to become Mullen Lowe.

http://avozdobrasil.com.br/trabalhos/agencia/mullen-lowe-brasil for more.



Arthur Becker Asks To Chase The Talents To Taste Success

Arthur Becker, the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, a Dallas-based investment that has a strong focus on early biotech and real estate investments, has a philosophy of finding the right talent and persuading them. He says that finding the right talent and collaborating with them to pursue the vision is the way to success. Similarly, he justifies his investments in early biotech firms as he has active interests in the developments of medicine and research. Arthur claimed that he is very fascinated about the trends in biotech, especially in the field of cancer treatment.

Becker said in a US Magazine interview that in order to be successful, people should be able to drive between passion and critical thinking. He says that many of his ventures in the past were failures, but those taught a lesson him, and he learned how to avoid such mistakes in the future endeavors. He further says that his ability to evaluate and help the management talent to develop was a critical factor in his success throughout the career. Arthur Becker advises the young entrepreneurs to listen to their colleagues and market. Also, people should be focused to stay flexible in their strategies considering the trends and market behavior.

Becker is known for his varied investments from digital services to real-estate. Before joining Madison, he was serving as the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio LLC, world’s largest digital news and magazine stand. He also worked as Managing Member of Atlantic Investors, LLC, an investment management firm. He worked with NaviSite as the CEO and Board Member, a web-based technology service firm that provides offerings such as cloud-enabled hosting, enterprise-class, services, and managed applications. The firm has offices in U.S., U.K, and India. Apart from that, he invests in condominium developments in New York and Miami. According to The Real Deal, his recent purchase of three Town Houses at Sullivan St., Manhattan was big news in the industry and considered to be great investment considering the surging price in the area.

Becker completed his business graduation from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth before starting his career in technology and investments. He also completed his Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College.

Reference: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/5526418-arthur-p-becker